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Who Are We

Coinaccord passionately believes in individual autonomy, constructive disruption, and informational transparency implemented in a way that benefits individuals and communities worldwide. In order to share our belief system, we provide full stack development services that complement our continually evolving knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the tools you’ll need to deploy your product on a massive scale. Through the creation of entirely new, decentralized models, Coinaccord seeks to significantly reduce any friction involved in bringing your ideas from inception to production. By removing the costly barriers to entry that are inherently present in traditional systems, Coinaccord can deliver easy-to-use, secure, and cost-efficient solutions for businesses or individuals looking to leverage emerging blockchain technology.

A Blockchain Venture Studio

We’re working to link people and businesses globally through the use of consensus governance models, decentralized digital platforms, and high integrity, secure applications. Coinaccord provides the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to disrupt your industry.

What We do



From smart contract and cryptocurrency wallet development to IoT devices designed to integrate into everyday life, Coinaccord’s skilled team of developers can help to ensure that your business goals are met efficiently and effectively.



Whether you need project feasibility insight for your own decentralized application, or code verification for an existing blockchain technology you look to implement, our programming expertise guarantees you can make data driven decisions.



With an ever-present eye on the current state of industry regulations, new developments, and operational standards, Coinaccord’s insight into blockchain technology brings you to the forefront of technological advancements that benefit your business.

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Alex Sheluchin

Alex Sheluchin is an experienced software developer whose unwavering interest and belief in the efficiencies of emerging blockchain technology has helped to spark the development of Coinaccord. Alex's passion to build resilient software and decentralized applications will not only assist in creating new business models, but also breed organizations that empower people.

With over 6 years of specialized software development as a Senior Developer at Netquity, a commercial aviation enterprise software firm, Alex has honed his programming skills and gained experience in high pressure, time sensitive projects. His ability to analyze, design, and build technical solutions is integral for Coinaccord's in house development projects, but also presents Coinaccord with the unique ability to guide client's products from ideation to implementation with real world experience and a proven understanding of the blockchain environment.

Ronald Chan

Ronald Chan is a hands-on entrepreneur and born leader who has spent his entire career immersed in technology and its revolutionary effects. Ronald has had the opportunity to operate several successful businesses in a variety of fields, and his ambition to adapt and advance as an early adopter of incipient technology has lead him to blockchain technology and his most recent start-up, Coinaccord.

With more than 25 years of change management and development experience in a technological environment, he now looks to bring his proven track record of launching internet, digital media, and business solutions to the explosive world of decentralized applications and fintech. His experience as a developer, knowledge of global markets, and ability to oversee and execute on project goals delivers invaluable insight for worldwide clients looking to take advantage of decentralized operational models and solutions.

Vitalik Buterin_ co-founder of Ethereum

Most companies have some kind of mission statement . . . But what if, with the power of modern information technology, we can encode the mission statement into code; that is, create an inviolable contract that generates revenue, pays people to perform some function, and finds hardware for itself to run on, all without any need for top-down human direction?

Matus Lestan_ district0x Network

Utilizing the aforementioned technologies, the district0x Network will facilitate the operation and governance of marketplaces and communities as decentralized entities. The district0x Network will enable the recreation of many of the internet’s most popular applications and services while eliminating rent-seeking and the relinquishment of decisions and personal data to third-parties.

Nitin Gaur_ Director at IBM Blockchain Labs

Blockchain technology has the power to provide a platform to remove middlemen, regardless of the industry, and it does not end there. There are real business models emerging that are backed by this technology. Those business models, based on such concepts as cyber trust, cyber equity, interledger, and cyber identity, all reflect the aim to establish networking that is trustless and yet secure.

Our Expertise

Code Verification

Reviewing smart contracts, cryptocurrency, software wallets, and the blockchain infrastructure they execute on for operability.

Project Feasibility

Confirming whether or not a project can successfully be implemented while utilizing blockchain technology.

Program Design

Designing decentralized applications and programs to fully leverage the benefits of distributed ledger technology.


Writing and maintaining crucial code necessary for turning ideas into functioning software and hardware products.

Industry Advisory

Identifying and providing guidance on evolving industry standards and practices necessary to operate successfully on the blockchain.


Recommending advantageous blockchain technology that can benefit both personal and business interests.


Planning and outlining the steps necessary to design, build, implement, and market a blockchain solution.

Smart Contracts

Developing programmed contracts to automate business processes without the need for intermediaries.


Building decentralized applications which operate autonomously and without a single point of failure.

Crowdsale Marketing & Strategy

Creating engaging and effective content across various platforms to announce and deliver your product worldwide.

Web Design
Website Development

Designing and developing visually appealing, high impact websites to compliment your virtual identity.

Public Relations

Forming a positive presence both online and providing representation at industry-relevant tradeshows and conferences.

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