Blockchain Development: Moving Past the Hype

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Carleigh Zangrando

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As speculation regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to calm, the development of blockchain projects is garnering more attention, and for good reason. While the industry moves past the volatile, and somewhat infamous, reputation given to it by spurned investors, the true potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has begun to shine through. Start-ups and individual developers are creating and contributing to products and interfaces that are meant to be open source and collaborative tools. Fortune 500 companies are creating solutions that implement blockchain into everyday business processes, and small companies can do the same. Unfortunately, without some sound, technological input, it can be difficult to assess and decide which tools would benefit a particular client or organization's use case.

How Coinaccord is Helping Move the Industry Forward.

Last month, Coinaccord was pleased to begin our partnership with TransformationWorx, an organization that specializes in the digital transformation of professionals and organizations. Based out of Toronto, TransformationWorx offers a variety of courses and certifications in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In fact, they are the only blockchain course to be globally accredited and certified by reputable firms such as the CIO Association of Canada and the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

The purpose of our partnership was to develop and present the newest course offering from TransformationWorx, the Advanced Blockchain Solutions Design & Architecture Course. This two day, interactive course outlines how to efficiently and effectively build a blockchain solution for small scale businesses, all the way up to massive enterprises.

As each participant chooses a use case to build upon throughout the course, we present concepts and theories to consider while architecting a solution. From blockchain viability and current process analysis to blockchain applications, compliance, and on-chain and off-chain transactions, this course provides participants with the tools needed to implement blockchain successfully.

And that's just day one.

coinaccord blockchain solutions architect course 2
Day two, getting into the development of blockchain solutions."

Our first course ran on October 22nd and 23rd, and our second day was full of coding and solutioning using blockchain technologies available to organizations today. As participants learned about some of the existing technologies in the space, we walked them through what's it's like to actually build on these platforms. For example, we set up nodes to transact using IBM Bluemix and Hyperledger Fabric, a sample blockchain environment in Ethereum using Microsoft Azure, developed a simple smart contract in Remix, and interacted with our smart contracts through Metamask.

By the end of the course, participants left with tools they could use to build out a solution for their organization or clients. They learned what steps are involved in architecting a blockchain solution and what information they would have to consider along the way. They were now able to tie together how blockchain technology works from the protocol level all the way to the user interface.

Overall, the course was an exciting learning experience for everyone involved. The great thing about offering a blockchain course in person, as opposed to solely online, is the level of interactivity and unique input from individuals in the course. Although Coinaccord helped to instruct the class, we were also able to hear valuable insights from participants who are deeply involved and interested in the blockchain space.

The next course will be scheduled sometime in the new year, but until then, feel free to explore some of the other blockchain courses that TransformationWorx provides.

Thank you so much to the team at TransformationWorx for allowing us to share our knowledge and love for blockchain technology in a new forum.

Hope to see you at the next course!

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